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PS-338E: Quick Chopper
The Quick chopper is a uniquely designed manual food processor which makes electric food processor stand in its shadow. It is unique to all othermanual food processors. It has the convenience of a large handel and an egg white separator attachment to make cokking esaier for everyone. This product doest noe require electricity which makes it safer to use compared to irs electircal counterparts. Its sharp stainless steel blades easily slice and diece fruits, vegetables and meat. The egg beater attachement is ideal for mixing pastries and dressings. The unit’s compact desgin makes it easy ro wash and store.
This prodcuts is an ideal kitchen tool for ant household.
Products characteristics:
QTY.PER Carton (pcs)24
MEAS. (cm)69.5 * 35 * 54.3
N.W. (kgs)17
G.W. (kgs)18.5
20'CNTR. (pcs)5280
40'CNTR. (pcs)10560
40'HQ. (pcs)12768
Material (brand new)ABS, PP, PS, POM
Bladetwo or three blade with high quality stainless steel
Available colourchrome / white / green / beige / black / maroon / blue / brown / light grey / yellow
Bowl size (cm)diameter * high = 15 * 8