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PS-326H:Manual Juicer

Manual Juicer
The specially designed auger crushed and squeezes fruits and vegetables more efficiently,and it also includes a clamp for the base that works in conjunction with the suction base aking it possible to attach the healthy juicer on virrually any surface.

Manual Mincer
.Stainless Steel Blade:high quality stainless with hardened,sharp and durable.
.Coarse Mincing Plate:high quality stainless with hardened,general mincing.
.Fine Mincing Plate:high quality stainless with hardened,fine mincing.

PS-323H:manual grinder

The Meat Grinder is a compact size mincer, comes with grindding cutting blade, chopping cutting blade, a noodle form, Lasagna form, Spaghetti form and Macaroni form. Its perfect for making mince, noodle and spaghetti.

PS-328B:Juicer Cup

The Juicer Cup has a unique designed of a juice cup can catch the juice after freshly squeeze, can be drink and serve easily, perfect for orange, grape and watermelon etc.